a custom GitLab-ci-runner for building on an openshift cluster with some bells and whistles.

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What is odagrun?

Odagrun is a custom GitLab-runner developed for the RedHat Openshift Platform, to extend support of a GitOps Development cycle with the full Devops solution of GitLab.com. Building docker Images on the fly, daemonless and rootless, with build-in commands for registry API manipulations and some neat features to preserve network resources on a non-priviledged openshift cluster.

odagrun a GitLab runner for building docker images un-priviledged on openshift

One compute Platform: Openshift.

Building your application, testing, building your buildimages,creating custom toolchains build-images and deploying applications with Gitlab dynamic environments all on the RedHat Openshift platform, from openshift Dedicated down to openshift-online-starter.

GitLab DevOps Cycle.

Leveraging from Git version control to maintain your build environments, build application containers and deployment straight from Gitlab and Gitlab-ci.

Reduce CI/CD Costs

odagrun focusses with some neat features to reducing cost through the use of WORK_SPACES, GIT_CACHE and integrated registry commands to reduce compute and network usage, allowing to use smaller pods with smaller build images.

Protect build resources

Being able to build images un-priviledged as non-root without a docker daemon, we can lock down our openshift cluster to run securly, where as being able to set the pod-size tailored to our build, we're able to limit and protect resource usage.

Easy setup and maintenance

With only one platform to maintain for building build-images,project and deployment all rootless with only a gitlab-runner-registration-token needed to setup odagrun, maintenance of infrastructure and tokens can seriously reduced.

Saving the Earth

Responsible CI/CD.

Through the use of caching and been able to use dedicated build-images for projects, odagrun can run build pipelines with reduced power usage.